Samedi Octobre 23 , 2021
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Some news...

Hello Hands Up Freaiks :-)

This is a so loooOOooong time I haven't post some news here.

Last monts, I have some remixes release and a single "Flyin" in collaboration with the singer Gemma B. A remix contest was made for this single last summer and winners was selected for the release. I have participated to a remix contest by RGMusic Records for Nigel Hard - Handzup will Never Die and my remix was selected for the release :-)

3 new remixes was released early this year for Sea Air Media and Sonic Flash records. You can listen all just bellow. I am actually workin on future remixes (maybe they will be released on the next Technobase.FM compilation) and a new single in preparation, so stay tuned ;-)


Last Releases

Navé Grey - Have You Ever Seen The Rain RMX
13.04.2018 @ Starhunter

Nigel Hard - Handzup Will Never Die RMX
17.02.2017 @ RGMusic

Casaris - Vibes RMX
12.02.2018 @ Sonic Flash

Handsup Playerz & Vau Boy - 13 Years We Are One
10.02.2018 @ Sea Air Media

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